Early birthday celebrations...

I'm officially 23, you guys! I am overwhelmed with the amount of birthday love I've received so far, so thank you all.

This past weekend, I spent most of my time with my parents. My dad and I both had work at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, along with several of my photography friends in Parallax, so it was great catching up with everyone at the reception on Friday night. I spent my Saturday in the Bishop Arts District and I'm taking a second to kick myself for not going there sooner...it's adorable! I had an early birthday lunch at Eno's Pizza with my parents and pie from Emporium Pies for dessert. I decided to ditch the birthday cake idea this year and go with something less traditional, so I picked up a whole pie from Emporium, too...

Take-home boxes for leftover pie. How precious is that?!

I ordered the Smooth Operator, which is a French silk pie with a pretzel crust. It was more of like a fudge consistency rather than traditional French silk, but I happily ate it anyway. And yes, it was as tasty as it was beautiful.

Sunday afternoon, I made another dessert (hey, your birthday only comes once a year!) for coworkers and some friends. Whoever decided to invent Angry Orchard cupcakes, can we get married? I've never been much of a beer fan, but cider is my absolute favorite, especially when it's mixed with baked goods. I think my favorite part was the cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Yum!

Obsessed with my mom's sugar & flour canisters.

These two usually try to "help" me bake, but they behaved...for once ;)

Okay, so they don't look fabulous (this isn't Cake Boss...), but they tasted SO good. I'd definitely make them again. I got the recipe from here, if you are interested!

Easy to say, I had a pretty great start to my birthday week, and more great things will be coming later as I have a few more things happening with some of my favorite people. Next week, I'll be doing a focus on some of my favorite vintage finds, some of which are in this post already ;)

Thank you all again for the lovely birthday wishes! 


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